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What’s the deal with Twitter anyway? You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve even seen it, but you still don’t really understand what Twitter can do for your business.

Consumers like us use Twitter to post tweets (140 character long messages) about companies, products, status updates – or anything really. There is no limit to what you can or can’t say on Twitter. So long as your Tweet is 140 characters or less, you can go wild.

Here are few basics to help you understand this social media and communication tool:
So what can you use Twitter for:


Really, Twitter is what you make of it. You might choose to only follow media organizations, so your list of Twitter followers or Twitter feed will be solely focused on the news. Maybe you’re a runner, you can choose to follow your favorite running magazine and other runners – staying up-to-date on training, nutrition, and shoe trends. Or maybe you want to promote your business, so you write Tweets to alert people about your sales, new brands/products and trends in the business.

Just like surfing the Internet and compiling a list of Bookmarks or Favorites that are relevant to you – the same thing applies to Twitter. With one big difference – people who follow you can respond to your Tweets. This allows you to ask questions, for example, we might post the following on Twitter: “Anyone know how long the next stage of the Tour de France is? #TdF” –  and then people who follow me can respond and answer my question.

At its most basic – Twitter is a customizable communication tool. You can use it to send out whatever message you want and to receive whatever messages you want.

We’ve likely made this seem more confusing than it is! This is what happens when trying to explain something that is really very simple.

By the way, Twitter turns five years old this week…so #HappyBirthday Twitter!

To learn more about Twitter, visit the website and sign up for your own account. Looking forward to seeing your Tweets – let us know what your Twitter name is and we’ll follow you. (We’re on Twitter: @Vinyl21) Happy Tweeting!

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