Basics of Google+

We’ve had a few weeks here at Vinyl 21 to get our heads around Google+, so we thought it was time to give you the basics on the latest in social networking. If you’re already an expert with Google+ well, you’ll have to wait for our next blog post… But if you’re new to the Google game and are trying to figure out if Google+ is something you should care about or even bother with, then this is the blog post for you.


It is all about the circles. Google+ uses circles organize your contacts. You can choose to create any type of circle, for example: work colleagues, family members, hockey team members, and university friends. Really, how you group your contacts is completely up to you.  The idea is that the circles make it easier to see how your contacts interact and it makes it easier for you to share information amongst them.


If you use Google Reader or another RSS reader then you’re familiar with the premise of Sparks. With Sparks, the difference is content is automatically delivered to you. Rather than adding URLs to an RSS reader, Sparks collates content for your bases on your interests. A Spark page is created for each of your interests – so you could have Sparks on topics such as: technology, cooking, travel, etc – these are automagically populated with the latest articles, photos, video, etc.


This is really just another way for you to do video chats with your friends. Instead of the standard text-based chat used in Facebook, you can now use video chat in Google+. Cool – but sometimes your hair is messy or it is 2:00 and you’re still wearing your pyjamas – maybe using Hangouts doesn’t always make sense for you!


Feel like having a big online chat with everyone in your hockey team Circle? No problem, with Huddles you can chat with everyone in a selected Circle. This is good alternative to the emails that often fly around and can get confusing when trying to organize a group of people. Now, instead, just get everyone on Huddles and the decisions can be made a little more quickly…

Instant Upload

If you’re using an Android phone, your photos are instantly uploaded to Google+. That’s it.


This is how you access Google+. When you’re logged into Google, you’ll now see a transparent grey bar with a +You link – click this and you’re in Google+.


If you have an Android phone, you can access Google+ with the handy Google+ app. Once installed you have constant access to Google+ wherever you are! We understand Apps for iOS and other platforms are coming soon…natural Android users get this service first given it’s Google’s very own mobile platform.

Want In?

So now you’re hooked – but how do you get on Google+? Well, right now it is by invite only. If you want to get in on the latest in social networking and media, well – we can invite you. Post up in the comments and we’ll get you connected.

Our Take

We admit, when we first heard about Google+ our immediate reaction was, “Not yet another social media channel!” and we figured it was Google’s attempt to take precious advertising revenue away from Facebook. But, so far we like what we see. Will Google+ be good for business? Time will tell and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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