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In recent years, Facebook really has taken off. What started out as a way for university students to keep tabs on one another has grown into a worldwide social media platform. Growing from its roots of a photo-sharing and chat tool, Facebook is now one of the leading social media marketing tools available.

Yes, social media marketing tool. You may have a Facebook account and use it to stay-up-date with your friends, family, view photos, post photos and chat with others. But did you know that the majority of corporations, companies and businesses are on Facebook? More and more companies are realizing the power of this unique communication and community-building tool.

From companies such as Home Depot to Clif Bar to your local restaurant – they are all on Facebook. Some of these companies use Facebook to post videos, communicate store specials, to promote weekend events, and even to post coupons. While still other companies use Facebook to engage people in product feedback and to provide useful information about using their products better.

Build a Facebook profile and presence that works easily for you:


As you can see, what started out as way for university students to stay-in-touch has grown leaps and bounds. Facebook has become and will continue to be one of the best ways for you to get involved in social media. If you’re not sure how to get started, simply ask your teenager – chances are your kids know all of the ins and outs of Facebook! Before you know it you’ll have lots of “likes” and will find that your website is even busier than ever.

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