Print vs Digital Marketing

As a business owner you are approached daily about buying ad space in your local newspaper, trade magazines, flyers and the yellow pages. This traditional print advertising does have its place – but it is very important to weigh the pros and cons of such an advertising campaign. Most consumers these days, throw out the weekly flyers and likely don’t even really notice the full-page colour ads in their favourite magazines.

Yes, there is the a chance that someone might read your ad in a magazine or even look-up your company in the yellow pages, but the thing is you’ll never really know. That’s right, it is pretty much impossible to track the rate of return on print advertising. You don’t know if your customers are coming to you thanks to the latest print advertising campaign that include magazine, newspaper, mail-outs and flyer inserts. There is no way of measuring this.

This is where digital advertising and marketing has the upper hand. Everything we do on the Internet is measurable. For example, we can use analytics to find out if you’re reading this blog post in an RSS reader, through an email subscription or if you searched for some keywords and found our site. Every time someone clicks on a link for Vinyl 21 Communications, we know. This is where the strength of digital advertising lies.

You can find out, measure and understand how and why people are responding to your digital marketing campaign. You can learn for example if people are likely to click on a pop-up ad for your latest product before reading an article on a new site or if they are more likely to click a link to your company that is place within a well-written article.

The additional strength of a digital advertising and marketing campaign is the flexibility and personalization. You can completely tailor your marketing strategy to meet your customer demographic. For example, if you sell rubber boots and umbrellas, you can make sure your ad only appears on rainy days and target very specific websites such as the weather network.

The cost of a digital advertising and marketing campaign is much more reasonable than that of a print campaign as well. And in throw in the fast turn-around time with getting a banner ad created and posted to a website compared with the time it takes to create a full-page ad for a glossy magazine and you can soon see that there are more pros than cons for focusing on a digital advertising and marketing campaign.

Does this mean print advertising is dead? Definitely not! It just means that as a business owner, it is important to look outside of your traditional advertising choices and think about how you can really reach your consumers. Yes people still read magazines and the newspaper – but how will you know that they read your ad and then decided to look up your website and buy your product? With a digital ad – all it takes is one click and your customer is at your site and purchasing your product.

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