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Opus is a Montreal, Quebec-based bicycle manufacturer. With sales around the world, the company looks to us to manage their global social media and online marketing campaigns. We provide strategic direction and day-to-day management of Opus’ social media campaigns for their urban, road and mountain bike lines. We also revamped their website in 2012 to help Opus showcase over 80 models of bicycles.

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[/one_half_first] [one_half] [quote] “With sales worldwide, it was important for us to have a social media strategy that targeted key markets and offered top notch customer service. Vinyl 21 understands our needs and has grown our online presence to reach target audiences and beyond.”[/quote] [/one_half] [hr]

Analytics & Performance Tracking

We provide detailed analytics and performance tracking, in order to ensure Opus’ online marketing goals are not only being met, but exceeded. This allows Opus to make informed marketing decisions and better reach their target audience.

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