Vinyl 21 Communications

[hr] Founded in 2010, Vinyl 21 Communications is an Ottawa, Canada-based digital marketing company that specializes in sporting goods brands, recreation and sporting goods retail clients. We have an extensive sports marketing background, as well as highly functional design and development experience.


We offer complete online marketing solutions to sporting goods brands and retailers from website design, to social media and search marketing and mobile strategy.  We also provide social media training to athletes, either directly or through their sponsors, to get the most out of sponsorship investments.


At Vinyl 21, we come from sporting goods backgrounds ourselves and we believe in using the products that we help market and represent. All of the members of our small team are physically active on a daily basis and we believe in a strong work ethic and a healthy lifestyle; we believe this is evident in our work.


Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your online sports marketing and retail marketing needs. [hr]

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada