Facebook for Business

In recent years, Facebook really has taken off. What started out as a way for university students to keep tabs on one another has grown into a worldwide social media platform. Growing from its roots of a photo-sharing and chat tool, Facebook is now one of the leading social media marketing tools available.

Yes, social media marketing tool. You may have a Facebook account and use it to stay-up-date with your friends, family, view photos, post photos and chat with others. But did you know that the majority of corporations, companies and businesses are on Facebook? More and more companies are realizing the power of this unique communication and community-building tool.

From companies such as Home Depot to Clif Bar to your local restaurant – they are all on Facebook. Some of these companies use Facebook to post videos, communicate store specials, to promote weekend events, and even to post coupons. While still other companies use Facebook to engage people in product feedback and to provide useful information about using their products better.

Build a Facebook profile and presence that works easily for you:
  • Build an online community of followers
  • Get your clientele involved in product and brand feedback
  • Post photos and videos of company and store events
  • Communicate store and company specials
  • Hold contests to increase traffic to your website


As you can see, what started out as way for university students to stay-in-touch has grown leaps and bounds. Facebook has become and will continue to be one of the best ways for you to get involved in social media. If you’re not sure how to get started, simply ask your teenager – chances are your kids know all of the ins and outs of Facebook! Before you know it you’ll have lots of “likes” and will find that your website is even busier than ever.

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Twitter for Business

What’s the deal with Twitter anyway? You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve even seen it, but you still don’t really understand what Twitter can do for your business.

Consumers like us use Twitter to post tweets (140 character long messages) about companies, products, status updates – or anything really. There is no limit to what you can or can’t say on Twitter. So long as your Tweet is 140 characters or less, you can go wild.

Here are few basics to help you understand this social media and communication tool:
  • Messages must be 140 characters or less
  • You must have a free Twitter account to send Tweets or to receive Tweets
  • Twitter popularity is measured by the number of “followers” or subscribers you have
  • Other people with Twitter accounts will follow you and you can follow them
  • When you follow someone, you will see all of this person’s Tweets
  • People include hashtags to signify a trend or something popular. For example, right now during the Tour de France, the hashtag #TdF is used by people Tweeting about the race
So what can you use Twitter for:
  • You can use it to promote your company, brand or product
  • You can follow people you like or know and see what they are Tweeting about
  • Most major news organizations are on Twitter so you can follow the NYTimes or CBC Radio to stay up-to-date with the news
  • You can use it to find a job – many companies will post on Twitter about job openings and most hiring agencies post to Twitter
  • You can use it to stay up-to-date with latest sport scores, celebrity gossip and breaking news


Really, Twitter is what you make of it. You might choose to only follow media organizations, so your list of Twitter followers or Twitter feed will be solely focused on the news. Maybe you’re a runner, you can choose to follow your favorite running magazine and other runners – staying up-to-date on training, nutrition, and shoe trends. Or maybe you want to promote your business, so you write Tweets to alert people about your sales, new brands/products and trends in the business.

Just like surfing the Internet and compiling a list of Bookmarks or Favorites that are relevant to you – the same thing applies to Twitter. With one big difference – people who follow you can respond to your Tweets. This allows you to ask questions, for example, we might post the following on Twitter: “Anyone know how long the next stage of the Tour de France is? #TdF” –  and then people who follow me can respond and answer my question.

At its most basic – Twitter is a customizable communication tool. You can use it to send out whatever message you want and to receive whatever messages you want.

We’ve likely made this seem more confusing than it is! This is what happens when trying to explain something that is really very simple.

By the way, Twitter turns five years old this week…so #HappyBirthday Twitter!

To learn more about Twitter, visit the website and sign up for your own account. Looking forward to seeing your Tweets – let us know what your Twitter name is and we’ll follow you. (We’re on Twitter: @Vinyl21) Happy Tweeting!

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Social Media for Business

More and more people are turning to the Social Media and the Internet to get their news, television, learn about products/brands, research jobs, plan vacations, and obtain valuable information about products they are about to purchase. The world has gone digital and with this comes an opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to tap into this market and reach out to consumers.

A social media plan will:
  • Maximize and grow brand/company awareness
  • Allow you to connect with new customers and obtain product feedback
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimization (your company/brand will appear close to the top of the search engine results list)
  • Provide awareness of who is visiting your website and why
  • Create a following of loyal customers


On top of this, a social media strategy really is “social”.  With blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online tools you can build a community and relationships with your customers – enabling a feeling of involvement with your company and brand. Some of the most successful companies have discovered the power of the online “community” to raise awareness of their brands and products.

One of the best thing about a social media strategy is that everything is trackable – so you can see what is working, what needs to be adjusted, and see the real returns on your social media strategy.

A social media strategy lets you reach your target market and really find out what your customers like, don’t like and would like to see from your products. You really can’t beat instant feedback when it comes to strengthening your company and brand awareness.

Just like you used a search engine to find us, your customers will be able to easily find you with a quick search in Google or on Twitter and Facebook.

Have questions about social media or want to learn more about it? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss an effective social media strategy with you today.

(Be sure to add our blog to your RSS reader to stay up-to-date. And make sure you follow us on Twitter.)

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